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What are Ezee Notes ?

Ezee notes are interactive, easy to understand and self learnable study materials which are designed by subject experts to help you to Excel in your Academics.

Want to know how Ezee Notes can Help you ?

Class 12

PCMB and PCMC Combo

Physics Ezee Notes

chemistry ezee notes class 12

Chemistry Ezee Notes

maths ezee notes class 12

Maths Ezee Notes

biology ezee notes

Biology Ezee Notes

Class 11

PCMB and PCMC Combo

physics ezee notes class 11

Physics Ezee Notes

biology ezee notes class 11

Biology Ezee Notes

maths ezee notes class 11

Maths Ezee Notes

Chemistry Ezee notes class 11

Chemistry Ezee Notes

Why Ezee Notes are Best ?

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Video Explanation

Get Video Explanation from the subject expert by scanning QR Code when stuck while studying.

Interactive Notes

Ezee Notes are combination text as well as handwritten content. Moreover all the notes are colored.

Excel in Academics

Ezee notes helps you to learn things on your own and helps you to score better.

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Sheema Maknoon

After studying from textbooks and other study materials I faced a lot of difficulties in understanding things especially Physics. Ezee notes helped me here , these are handwritten colored interactive video books. The main advantage about Ezee notes is that it also offers Video explanation from the author if we are stuck while studying.

Bharti V.J

I received the books and am absolutely in love with them. I really like the handwritten way of them that actually makes things look easier to understand. This purchase is really more than worth it. Once again thank you so much and this deserves a whooping 5 stars.