Units and Measurements Handwritten Notes
Units and Measurements Handwritten Notes
Units and Measurements Handwritten Notes
Units and Measurements Handwritten Notes
Units and Measurements Handwritten Notes
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Units and Measurements Handwritten Notes ?

This post basically consists the best handwritten notes for the chapter Units and Measurements.

This notes can be used to study for CBSE Boards, ICSE Boards and all the other state Board Examinations.

Who all can Use this Units and Measurements handwritten Notes ?

Any student which has this chapter in their syllabus can use this notes. As, it covers all the topics to be studied.

Can I score 100% Marks from this Chapter Using this handwritten notes ?

This notes covers all the concepts which are required for you to score 100% marks from the chapter Units and Measurements.

Are these notes sufficient for NEET and JEE Mains ?

No , these Handwritten Notes for the Chapter Units and Measurements are only for Board Examinations like CBSE , ICSE and State Board Examinations.

However, Students can get notes for NEET and JEE as well on our website ezeenotes.in

Also , Some of the Definitions

Physical Quantities : Those quantities whose value can be measured in physics are called as physical Quantities.

Example: length , mass and time

Non Physical Quantities : Those Quantities in physics whose value cannot be measured are called as Non Physical Quantities.

Example : Love, Anger , Sadness etc

Units : However, Unit is a fixed quantity in reference to which all the other quantities are measured.

Example : 1 meter, 1 second etc

System of Units

Earlier in different parts of the world, Different units were being used for measuring a particular quantity.

MKS System , CGS System and Also FPS System.

Note : Due to varies conflicts in measurements. Therefore, a common system of units called International System of Units was made which is called SI Units


However, this notes are updated Time to time . But, still if you find any update to be done please help us know through contact us page.

Happy Learning 🙂

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