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Motion in a Plane notes
Motion in a Plane notes
Motion in a Plane notes
class 11 physics notes
Motion in a Plane notes
Physics handwritten notes
Physics  notes
Motion in a Plane notes

Motion in a Plane Handwritten Notes ?

This post basically consists the best handwritten notes for the chapter Motion in a Plane .

This notes can be used to study for CBSE Boards, ICSE Boards and all the other state Board Examinations.

Who all can Use this Motion in a Plane Handwritten Notes ?

Any student which has this chapter in their syllabus can use this notes. As, it covers all the topics to be studied.

Can I score 100% Marks from this Chapter Using this handwritten notes ?

This notes covers all the concepts which are required for you to score 100% marks from the chapter motion in a Plane.

Are these notes sufficient for NEET and JEE Mains ?

No , these Handwritten Notes for the Chapter Motion in a Plane are only for Board Examinations like CBSE , ICSE and State Board Examinations.

However, Students can get notes for NEET and JEE as well on our website

Also , Some of the Definitions

Scalars : Those quantities in physics which have only magnitude but not direction are called as Scalars

Example of scalars include mass , distance travelled , volume.

Vectors : Those Quantities in physics which have magnitude as well as direction are termed as Vectors.

Some of the examples of Vectors include Force , Displacement etc

Parallelogram Law of Vector Addition : It basically states that if two vectors are represented by adjacent sides of a parallelogram both in magnitude and direction then their resultant is given by the diagonal of the parallelogram both in magnitude and direction.

What is a projectile ?

Any object which is thrown in air at a particular angle with horizontal is basically called as a projectile.


However, this notes are updated Time to time . But, still if you find any update to be done please help us know through contact us page.

Happy Learning 🙂

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