🧲 Electromagnetic Induction Notes - Class 12 pdf ( Handwritten ) 📝

Notes of Electromagnetic Induction ?

This basically consist of Handwritten notes of a chapter which is called as Electromagnetic Induction which is in short also known as EMI.

This EMI handwritten notes can be used to study for CBSE Boards, ICSE Boards and all the other state Board Examinations.

Who all can Use this EMI notes Class 12 PDF ?

Any student which has EMI chapter in their syllabus can use this EMI notes. As, it covers all the topics to be studied.

Can I score 100% Marks from this Chapter Using this Electromagnetic Induction Notes ?

This notes covers all the concepts which are required for you to score 100% marks from the chapter Magnetism and Matter. However, please refer your syllabus before starting.

Are these notes sufficient for NEET and JEE Mains ?

No , these Handwritten Notes are only for Board Examinations like CBSE , ICSE and State Board Examinations.

However, Students can get notes for NEET and JEE as well on our website ezeenotes.in

Can these be used as short notes for NEET and JEE ?

Yes, these EMI notes can be used as short notes for exams like NEET and JEE.

Use of Electromagnetic Induction Notes ?

  1. Quick recap and Revision notes for Board exams, NEET and JEE.
  2. Formulae Checklist Of EMI Chapter
  3. Handwritten Notes of Electromagnetic Induction
  4. Video Explanations will also be added for this chapter.

Also , Some of the Definitions

Magnetic Flux : It is defined as the total number of magnetic field lines passing through a given area of cross section normally.

Its unit is Weber.

Faraday’s First Law : It states that “When ever there is change in magnetic flux linked with the conductor there is an Emf induced in the coil”

Also, Faraday’s Second Law: The amount of Emf generated in the coil is directly proportional to the rate of change of flux linked with the coil.


However, this notes are updated Time to time . But, still if you find any update to be done please help us know through contact us page.

Happy Learning 🙂

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