All 3 Mark Important Derivation - Physics Exam 2023 - Ezee Notes

All 3 Mark Important Derivation - Physics Exam 2023

1. Properties of Charges

2. Properties of Electric field lines

3. Explain Coulomb's Law

4. Write Coulomb's law in vector and explain terms

5. Torque on a dipole in uniform electric field

6. Derive j = sigma × E

7. Derive expression for Drift velocity

8. Derive a relation between current and drift velocity

9. Kirchhoff's law

10. Conversion of galvanometer to voltmeter

11. Conversion of galvanometer to ammeter

12. Magnetic field due to a infinitely long wire using ampere circuital law

13. Declination, Dip and horizontal component of magnetic field

14. Paramagnetic, ferromagnetic and diamagnetic materials

15. Observation of coil magnet experiment

16. Observation of coil coil experiment

17. Expression of self inductance of a coil

18. Expression for motional EMF

19. Expression for energy stored in an inductor

20. Series combination of resistors

21. Parallel combination of resistors

22. Total internal reflection

23. Lateral shift and Normal shift

24. Optical fibres

25. Expression for radius of an electron in nth orbit

26. Expression for velocity of an electron in the nth orbit

27. Numericals

28. Differences between intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors

29. Differences between n type and p type semiconductors

30. Forward bias and Reverse bias

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